Life on the Road

A typical day in a house on wheels.

Taking advantage of strange opportunities is sort of the way to go when your home is the open road.

We found a beautiful home for sale hidden in the back of a large piece of property in our favorite beach town of San Diego. Although some may see simply an empty home, we see an opportunity for an open shower and the luxury of cooking without the need to start a fire tonight.

We wake the next morning, clean and well- fed, only to discover that there will be a showing at any moment in this house. I guess it wouldn’t look too great on the realtor if she were trying to sell a space full of strangers in towels cooking breakfast.

Time to go!

We quickly gathered our belongings, swept the floor, scrubbed the the counters, then drove down to our favorite cliff- side. This is where we changed from our pajamas and peed on the side of the dirt road.

Phew, that was a close call.

As my adrenaline slowed, I looked down at my clean fingernails and my heart instantly sank. This was the first time in over a week that they weren’t coated in dirt. I then ran my hands through my hair for the first time in ages. No sign of dreads (well, maybe one), and the lacking of the usual thick grease swarming my nappy hair.

The usually refreshing shower suddenly didn’t feel so refreshing to me, as I had grown far more comfortable with the untamed nature I typically carried myself with. I felt as if that shower had washed off the last of the nutrients burrowed between my toes. However, no need to worry, as  I will feel like my wild self again the moment that I step into work tomorrow.

Ah, the joys of getting paid to play in the dirt all day.

I sit on my tailgate, clean but still in my filthy clothes, as I watch the expressions of people passing by.

Man, I brushed my hair and everything, why am I still getting strange looks from others?

A couple of people asked me what I was eating, as apparently their dinner doesn’t usually consist of a beet that they chewed on as if it were an apple, followed by a handful of freshly grown micro-greens. Others inspected my home from afar and, if they were truly daring, asked to see inside of it.

Sometimes my life can be a bit chaotic, and there are certainly times where I feel as though I am a dinosaur being observed in a museum. I guess that these feelings go hand in hand with constantly being on the move, and living a way that most others do not.

But, let me tell you, the hectic moments that make strangers tilt their heads in confusion at me, are the little things that keep my soul ignited, and my heart fully alive.

Getting off  from a long day of growing food and picking weeds, hopping into my home, and impulsively deciding where I would like my front yard to be for the evening.

Stopping at a gas station and stumbling inside barefoot with a bar of soap in my hand, ready to scrub my pits in their bathroom and splash some water on my dirt- stained face. It is always a good day when I find a single room bathroom. In that case, I may even brush my teeth.

After cleaning myself and buying ice for my cooler, I then smell around for the cleanest t- shirt and change behind the wheel.

Ah, finally, my muddy converse are off, my toes are free, and the night is mine to relax and enjoy.

Then, I sit on the same tailgate I plop atop of for every sunset, and look out into my favorite cliff- sides, or mountains, depending upon my days preference.

I enjoy this sunset as I munch on the fresh veggies acclimated from the days work, as I reminisce on the, yet again, sequence of events it took simply to enjoy this very sunset.

Some go home and shower and cook after work, I on the other hand find a decent faucet and some ice.

I am not strange or different, I just simply prefer days consisting of strange moments like this. Moments many wonder about, but few actually try out for themselves.

All I know is, when I grow old and my skin begins to wrinkle from a life beneath the sun, and my hair begins to shed away at its lively dreads, I will tell these stories to the younger generation. I will speak of my young, wild, free self with the same, exact glow in my eyes as I hold within me today.

Although my life constantly changes with each breathe I take,  I will never stop living a way that is worth smiling about, laughing about, crying about, and talking about.

Here’s to an eternity of adventure, chaos, dirt, and above all, freedom.

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