You see

You must let her be.

Free birds are meant to soar

If you try to contain her, she will roar.

As what you think you are protecting her from

Are simply fears she longs to overcome.

Because when the wind moves her wild hair

She knows there is nothing she cannot bear.

So, let her splash mud on her young face

While she twirls in fields of grace.

The desire within her continues to burn.

Don’t you get it? Getting lost in the world is what’ll make her learn.

Classrooms and textbooks are simply a safety net.

I promise you, learning through life is the best lesson yet.

Please, do not lock her in a room.

It will set her up for an eternity of doom.

As the feeling of twirling on a foreign, desolate beach

Is something a professor cannot teach.

She will learn through moments, unique souls, earth and travel

It will teach her how life truly unravels.

You see, this is her time to grow.

Let her jump, and watch her soar.

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