Jungle Freedom

Earth beneath my feet.

The mother sun bringing me heat.

Twirling in my skirt.

My toes digging into the dirt.

Flying like the birds and the bees

As the jungle trees watch over me.

The look of freedom in my eyes.

This is so real, so raw I could cry.

I stop, close my eyes and feel

And now know what it is like to heal.

As when the earth runs through my veins

I no longer remember the feeling of pain.

I have waited so long to feel this.

I want to give every flower, every leaf a kiss.

In a world of fast pace

I wish everybody would stop, take a moment to feel this grace.

As this is what society craves.

To feel alive as the ocean waves.

So, freeze

Take a moment to feel the breeze.

The world is calling you.

Look up at the sky, feel the blue.

Allow life to wash all over you.

Overcome your fear.

It is an illusion we create that a life of experience will cure.

It is time to stop just existing.

No more hesitating, no more resisting.

This life invites you in.

I know that must bring shivers to your skin.

Because the unknown is a fright.

Which is why we must climb to great heights.

To experience everything at its greatest measures

And treat every moment like a treasure.

So, dance with flowers rather than silver and gold

And watch the way your life will unfold.

The earth is free, so letโ€™s all simply stop and be.

I promise you, if you stop and feel

You too will heal.

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