I Wanna Be A Writer

I want to be a writer.

I want to inspire the heck out of others.

I want people to see every color of my thoughts.

I want to paint peoples minds with my ideas and aspirations.

I want to make a difference through words.

I want to document on paper that I am in a cheap, colorful hostel in a completely foreign town eating day old rice with my dirt- stained hands while dripping in sweat.

I want people to read this and feel how completely and utterly alive this very moment makes me feel.

However people perceive my writing, whatever they take from it and what feelings it forced them to feel, I want them to feel it.

I want somebody to put down my paper and think “wow.”

Whether they need to curl into a ball and cry, climb a mountain, or dance in the streets; I just want my words to make others simply feel.

Friends, family, and strangers… I want to show the world how beautiful every moment is, as they see my moments of darkness and light through a story. Through my story.

I want somebody to feel the way my heart beats to the jungle and want to dance the way I dance when I finally hear music after ages of technology silence.

I want to show people how beautiful life is.

I want readers to feel my ten hour, treacherous bus rides and breathe as deeply as I do when I finally hop off that bus and walk barefoot into a world I have never yet been immersed into.

Beaches, cities, jungles, towns and villages.

I want people to soak in the feeling of being aimlessly dropped into an entirely foreign environment each and every day, and making it a home until it is time to find a new one.

I want people to read that “home is within” and truly believe it.

I want people to feel as free as the ocean breeze from my thoughts and put down my story knowing they are enough, knowing they can do every last thing they strive to do, and that if they dare, they too can do cartwheels naked on a deserted beach and look over the entire country of Nicaragua on a thousand year old, white rooftop.

I want people to know that their every last dream can become a reality within the blink of an eye if they learn to believe in themselves and the universe the way I have.

I’ve been inspired by every new face, new environment I have stumbled into, and I want to do the same in return.

The sparkles in my eyes, butterflies in my stomach, and ideas in my mind will soon flood onto a paper for the world to see, and I will inspire everybody the way everything has inspired me.

Just wait, one day, I am going to make the world feel.


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