It’s funny what we consider homeless back home in comparison to here. San Diego, Compton, Hawaii; any of the largest homeless populations of the U.S… my heart has always reached out to them. Each time I walk past these impoverished people in tents, with shopping carts full of clothes and blankets and usually a half eaten McDonalds bag beside them, my stomach clenches and my heart breaks for them. I am… Read More

(A year in a half ago…) Today I am 18. Today I am filled with love. Today I am filled with an immense amount of life. Usually I am not big on birthdays but, man, today… I could’ve sworn the birds were singing just for me. I felt things I never knew existed. As we walked to breakfast in the pouring rain, I skipped and twirled in my new overalls. I felt… Read More

You see You must let her be. Free birds are meant to soar If you try to contain her, she will roar. As what you think you are protecting her from Are simply fears she longs to overcome. Because when the wind moves her wild hair She knows there is nothing she cannot bear. So, let her splash mud on her young face While she twirls in fields of grace. The desire… Read More

I want to be a writer. I want to inspire the heck out of others. I want people to see every color of my thoughts. I want to paint peoples minds with my ideas and aspirations. I want to make a difference through words. I want to document on paper that I am in a cheap, colorful hostel in a completely foreign town eating day old rice with my dirt- stained hands… Read More

Earth beneath my feet. The mother sun bringing me heat. Twirling in my skirt. My toes digging into the dirt. Flying like the birds and the bees As the jungle trees watch over me. The look of freedom in my eyes. This is so real, so raw I could cry. I stop, close my eyes and feel And now know what it is like to heal. As when the earth runs through… Read More

Ah, traveling alone. Taking off solo to a foreign country, with no itinerary, four days after my eighteenth birthday. No Spanish needed in Costa Rica, right? I may have guessed prior that my greatest lessons along this journey would entail: finding transportation, finding somewhere safe to sleep every night, budgeting, and the whole language barrier situation. Little did I know, the greatest lessons of all, would only entail skills to travel alone,… Read More