For those who are broken. For those who are scared. For those who are fed up and no longer care. Shaking on a bicycle because you now know what it feels like to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Working so hard for so little. Being so afraid to lose even a dime. Avoiding males because you remember the ones with wounded souls And how you were used to… Read More

An uncertain anticipation written in my eyes A feeling so exhilarating it is as though I am high. It is both scary and exciting to see The capabilities that I carry inside of me. Knowing that my dreams are slowly becoming real That I can help change the world As long as I listen to my heart and follow what I feel. Always wanting to help but never knowing how Watching as… Read More

A woman walks by radiating pure beauty and grace And immediately you gently graze with your fingertips the blemishes on your face. Wishing you had her silky, straight hair and clear, rosy skin Wondering how she got her waste so thin. You touch your stomach and look down at your thighs Instead of holding your head high, you let out a sigh. As the thought of not being nearly as beautiful as… Read More

It all starts With a flutter of the heart. Looking up at your first jungle trees And in awe, dropping to your knees As you soul screams that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Because there is now no sight you would rather see Than that of lush, rich greens. And as you breathe in you can already feel That this earth is exactly what we all need to… Read More

Grocery Shopping in the Jungle. Living on a start- up farm, the majority of our 200 fruit trees still need several years of growth before producing, and our greenhouse is only a couple of months young, therefore the first heads of lettuce alone were nonetheless a celebration. That being said, a once a week trek to town for food is necessary as of now, unless we want to eat rice and fallen… Read More

The art of something so majestic, yet so destructive. A whirlwind of beautiful chaos, I’d say. Today, as I lay upon my hammock, I listen to the chickens rise as the rooster’s sing without a single care in the world. The familiar noises of the jungle are suddenly overrun by a hushed, foreign, slithering sound coming from beneath me. A noise so settle, so quiet, but so rare as to catch my… Read More

The second I begin to question my worth, I think back to that one time, almost a year ago, with my dad. We ran through the hot, sunny, paved dirt in Southern California, struggling to talk as we both breathed heavily. “So, I made friends with the young boy who worked at my hotel in Virginia. Told him about you, hoping to inspire him to do something he loved, rather than sit… Read More

It’s the feeling in the core Of constantly craving more. Knowing how to fly But being afraid to truly soar. It’s those nights of dreaming and fantasizing With the stars of your side, your excitement beings rising. But then morning comes and it’s time to shake those ideas away Because it is time for work the second your skin hits the sunshine rays. So you walk to your overpaid car Wishing you… Read More

The days begin to blend together as my iPhone remains shut off. The land sings to me every morning as I release the chickens, and any recollection of a “normal” lifestyle remains completely and utterly irrelevant to me. I no longer know life outside of these trees. Cars and technology are now strangers, as my new- found stimulation’s are howler monkeys, chirping birds, and pouring rain. I am in a place where… Read More

The bus rides The hitch hikes The lonely beach walks and the shared bike rides. Traveling with the moon and rising with the sun. Playing soccer as I go, with simple intentions of having fun. Learning from the tides. While embracing the uncertainty and enjoying the ride. With dirty hostels and hammocks beneath the trees I am letting go of everything I can to be free. As all I want from life… Read More